In the News | Creating a Comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness Program for a K-12 School

This article was originally published in The Learning Counsel on 9.11.23 by Charlie Sander, CEO at ManagedMethods.

How Schools Can Create A Comprehensive Cybersecurity Awareness Program

When examining cybersecurity breaches comprehensively, it becomes clear that human error constitutes the primary weak link regarding vulnerability. In previous times, schools could provide their employees and students with cybersecurity training once a year annually, and that would be enough to tick the box. However, given the escalating prevalence of threats, it has become imperative to continuously and consistently engage in cybersecurity awareness and training initiatives.

Sadly, statistics paint a stark picture of the extent to which cybercrime has invaded the school premises. Up to this point in 2023, around 120 educational institutions have encountered ransomware attacks, compared to a total of 188 incidents documented throughout 2022.

Academic institutions, particularly schools, stand as both incubators of future talent and vulnerable targets for cyber threats. As hubs of technological engagement, schools are tasked with cultivating a generation of digital citizens who are not only proficient users of technology but also adept at safeguarding their digital footprints.

So how can schools ensure they are well-equipped to mitigate cybersecurity threats? Let’s look at the current state of student and staff awareness before discussing how to construct a cybersecurity awareness program.


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