Creating Safe Learning Spaces With Google for Education

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Creating Safe Learning Spaces With Google for Education

Google Workspace is now the primary platform for K-12 education. It's the gold standard workhorse for classroom instruction to district business communication—and everything in between.

Google's affordable and accessible apps are a boon for schools before, during, and beyond the pandemic. But, districts are also experiencing data security and student safety incidents when monitoring and controls aren't properly configured.

This interactive discussion features K-12 technology leaders sharing their experiences and advice on creating a secure learning environment within your district's Google for Education platform.

During this session, you’ll learn:

  • Data security and student data privacy risks that exist in your district's Google Workspace for Education domain
  • Common student incidents and safety risks that technology leaders see happening in Google apps
  • Why providing chat and collaboration tools to students in school-provided tools can be a good thing, with proper oversight
  • How K-12 technology leaders use ManagedMethods to help them gain the visibility and control they need to create safe learning spaces in Google Workspace for Education

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