Not If, When: Why Detection Is Critical & Breach Early Indicators by K12 SIX

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Not If, When: Why Detection Is Critical & Breach Early Indicators, sponsored by ManagedMethods

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Everyone in cybersecurity has heard it so often that “it’s not if, when…” has almost become cliché. But it’s so true that it bears repeating. When a breach does occur, time is of the essence and early detection is critical.

During this session, K-12 technology and cybersecurity experts will take a deeper look past the gateways and firewalls into what happens when your system is breached and why detection technology is important in cybersecurity strategy. We’ll also discuss what to look out for in your own networks and cloud services. Featured speakers include:

  • Kyle Pezzolla, IT Manager, Windsor Learning Center (NJ)
  • Neal Richardson, Director of Technology, Hillsboro-Deering School District (NH)
  • Briget Young, Cyber Security Officer, Derby Unified School District 260 (KS)
  • David Waugh, K-12 Cybersecurity Advocate, ManagedMethods

This webinar was hosted by K12 SIX and sponsored by ManagedMethods

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