Cloud Monitor’s Risks Tab Safeguards Students From Inappropriate Images and Content at School

Recently, we hosted Ross Randall, Director of Technology at Lamar County School District in Georgia, and Tim Miles, Director of Technology at Steamboat Springs School District in Colorado, for a summer-inspired live webinar focused on fortifying your district’s multilayered cybersecurity strategy.

From beach balls to firewalls, Ross and Tim generously shared their practical insights, guiding other K-12 tech professionals through the complex layers of cybersecurity. They discussed assessing current infrastructure and developing an effective incident response plan.

Cloud Monitor is the only tool that gives me the risk analysis I need. I love it, and I live on the Risks tab.
-Ross Randall, Director of Technology, Lamar County School District

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They also shared several use cases of how they specifically use ManagedMethods’ Cloud Monitor platform to protect sensitive student information and secure data as part of their multilayered cybersecurity tech stack. You can watch the full webinar recording here.

With the explosion of K-12 cloud-based applications, any district IT leader would agree that effective risk management tools are necessary for keeping students safe online. Enter the Cloud Monitor Risks tab — a powerful ally in the battle against inappropriate content and dangers within your district’s Google Workspace/Microsoft 365 domain.

Using Cloud Monitor’s Risks tab, I have found several situations where kids have shared very inappropriate pictures. I can go in, remove those emails, and track whether they are shared and with whom. Cloud Monitor gives me something I can work with. Also, it allows us to sit down and talk with that child to educate them about appropriate cyber hygiene.
-Ross Randall, Director of Technology, Lamar County School District

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For technology directors like Ross Randall, the Cloud Monitor Risks tab has been a game-changer for Lamar County School District. Ross knows firsthand the dangers that digital platforms like Google Drive and Gmail pose. He also understands how challenging and time-consuming it can be to monitor the volume of content flowing through these applications.

The customizable search capabilities of the Risks tab allow Ross to detect sensitive personal information or inappropriate images within seconds. One key feature he appreciates is the ability to view all of the risks simultaneously. The Total Active Risks, Accounts with Most Risks, and Enabled Risks sections provide detailed descriptions of Lamar County’s current risk landscape, allowing Ross to choose what to do next.

My favorite feature in Cloud Monitor is the Risks tab. I love it. I haven’t found another product in my cybersecurity and student safety toolkit that does as good of a job of scanning images. Image scanning is crucial because kids are known for sharing things on the internet that they shouldn’t. Cloud Monitor constantly helps us protect our kids online.
-Ross Randall, Director of Technology, Lamar County School District

What truly distinguishes Cloud Monitor is its user-friendly interface. When Ross encounters a risk, a dialogue box opens, providing all the necessary information for further investigation. The simplicity of the interface allows him to take immediate action, whether disabling a risky account or alerting the school counselors or administrators about the issue.

Tools like Cloud Monitor help district IT leaders nationwide protect their students. For Ross and others like him, it’s not just about managing risks—it’s about their commitment to ensuring a safe and nurturing online environment where students can thrive. Cloud Monitor is their trusted partner in this mission.

Discover the power of Cloud Monitor and audit your Google Workspace and/or Microsoft 365 for free!

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