Cleaning Up Your District's Google & Microsoft 365 Environments

6 Cybersecurity & Student Safety Risks To Clean Up In Your Cloud Apps

Taking A Closer Look At Your District's Cloud Security & Safety Risks

When it comes to your school district’s Google Workspace and Microsoft 365 domains, it’s easy to get caught with your head above the clouds. In other words, you might be so wrapped up in the many benefits of cloud services that you aren’t paying enough attention to the dangers.

And the biggest problem? Over 90% of school districts are using cloud-based edtech tools, but few are matching that investment with cloud security and safety. Consequently, many K-12 clouds are cluttered with unseen risks, data security threats, and compliance violations.

The good news is that there’s something to be done about it. In this eBook, we’ll take a closer look at your cloud environment and walk you through the messy threats that are likely putting your district — and, even worse, your students — at substantial risk.

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