This rural Texas public school district’s IT team supports the needs of 1500 students and 180 staff members.


Troy ISD, like many school districts, uses Google G Suite for everything from group projects and presentations to email and lesson planning. Leveraging the power of this cloud application allows students and staff to easily collaborate and share data. However, Troy’s IT team quickly realized that along with the obvious benefits, there were some serious drawbacks:

  • No visibility into the data accessed and shared in Google, or phishing and malware threats that could come in through Gmail
  • Insufficient protection from Google’s native security tools
  • No control over the use of the 3rd-party applications

Compliance requirements mandated that the district must have systems in place to monitor for sensitive data such as FERPA, CIPA, COPPA, and ensure that data is not being stored or shared in a way that violates policies.

Additionally, the rise of 3rd-party connected applications was creating EdTech security risks to school data due to potential phishing attacks or unauthorized access. The district also needed to monitor for policy violations and scan documents for objectionable content, language, and inappropriate images. When student safety is at risk, time is critical, so the IT team needed to be alerted to potential policy violations, as well as deviations from normal data access and sharing behaviors.

“The addition of ManagedMethods to our cybersecurity infrastructure has given me confidence in the security of our Google Drive and Gmail data and our ability to protect our students and staff. It is an easy and affordable solution that allows me to focus on other priorities.” — Melinda Newman, Director of Technology


Troy ISD chose ManagedMethods’ cloud application security platform to protect its Google G Suite data because it provided the critical security they needed to protect their students and staff. The IT Team can now:

  • Identify and quarantine inbound emails or file uploads that contain phishing links or malware
  • Control which 3rd party applications are installed and revoke unsanctioned items
  • See how files are shared, who has access to the data, and suspicious logins
  • Identify and remove content that contains profanity, threatening or violent images, and inappropriate content

In addition, Troy chose ManagedMethods because it deploys in minutes, doesn’t require any special training, has no impact on users, and most importantly, and is an affordable solution that secured the entire district.


ManagedMethods provides:

  • Complete cloud app visibility without agents, proxies, or gateways
  • Comprehensive cloud-email security for Gmail and Office 365 Mail
  • Discovery and control of 3rd party apps that connect to Google or Office 365
  • Detection and prevention of malware, phishing emails, and other outsider threats
  • Policy Enforcement to meet student data privacy compliance requirements (FERPA, COPPA, CIPA, etc)
  • Affordable pricing for districts of all sizes

We’re providing ManagedMethods to school districts that want to try it out for FREE through May 31 to help secure student data and monitor cyber safety in district cloud apps. Schedule a demo to learn more and get started today!

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