(Boulder, Colorado – January 13, 2015) According to ManagedMethods, a developer of Cloud Access Security solutions, a large gap exists between cloud service adoption plans by enterprise and their ability to implement and monitor security for cloud access. Analysis of the “Cloud Adoption Practices & Priorities Survey Report”, issued by the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA), highlights the readiness gap.

Based on data published by CSA, nearly 75% of companies are moving forward with production usage of cloud services. Meanwhile, half may have already had an insider security threat, and a greater number have a desire to understand the prevalence of Shadow IT in their organization but do not have the systems in place. The CSA report, published January 09, 2015, “found that 50 percent of companies have a policy on acceptable cloud usage today…only 16 percent of companies have a policy that is being fully enforced.”

“Our direct experience indicates that awareness of cloud activity is the first hurdle that enterprises are struggling to overcome,” noted Don Bergal, Chief Operating Officer at Managed Methods. “Exposure based on employee activity or malicious outside threats is a drag that slows cloud adoption and creates unacceptable risk for senior management.”

“Only eight percent of companies know the scope of Shadow IT at their organizations,” the report concludes. By focusing on the known cloud apps in use, and in many cases blocking them, companies are driving internal users underground, creating a larger compliance problem and increasing the security risk.

The full CSA report can be found at cloudsecurityalliance.org/research/surveys/#_capp

Managed Methods offers a free cloud access security evaluation, designed to give the security team a passive view of cloud activity. The evaluation includes a full cloud risk assessment report. For more information, see Cloud Access Risk Evaluation.

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